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Welcome to Cape Hatteras!

Few family travel destinations combine the tradition, luxury and convenience of the Outer Banks. Cruises, resorts and even many East Coast beachfront destinations have now become over-commercial, over-congested and over-exposed.

But paradise does still exist on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. From Rodanthe to Hatteras Village, Outer Beaches Realty offers you the simple, secluded, family-friendly vacation that could only be captured by your imagination or the brush of Norman Rockwell.

Hatteras Island offers the premier beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, without the distractions of boardwalks, amusement parks or a bustling nightclub scene. The island is in many ways exactly as it was hundreds of years ago. Strict conservation laws preserve not only wildlife, but also the traditional family vacation that many of us remember as children.

Each Cape Hatteras village has its own unique character and attractions. Click the village of your choice to learn more about Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco or Hatteras Village.

Buxton, Frisco & Hatteras Village

Guests checking in to a cottage located in Buxton and Frisco must stop by our office in Avon. If you're arriving by ferry, call ahead and let us know. We'll have your check-in package sent to our Hatteras Village office which will eliminate a trip to Avon. To check in to your Hatteras cottage, stop by our office in Hatteras Village located on the corner of Highway 12 and Eagle Pass Road. As you reach the southern end of the island the scenery begins to change. Summer cottages are spread out along the oceanfront among residential communities, and nestled in wooded areas that border the sound. The area affords privacy and quiet, for those who need a "retreat" from every-day pressures.

The famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, which is open to the public, is located in Buxton - the tallest operational brick lighthouse in North America at more than 200 feet - along with a Visitor's Center and Nature Trail. The 3,000 acre Buxton Woods is a maritime forest and is perfect for a relaxing hike beneath the canopy of towering oaks. A stable nearby offers horseback rides on the beach or through the woods.

The Village of Frisco lies between Buxton and Hatteras and remains a small community without much commercialization. The popular Brigand's Bay subdivision is located in Frisco to the delight of windsurfers, sound fishermen, kayakers and sailors. Frisco is also the home of the Frisco Native American Museum and History Center. Have some fun at the wooded miniature golf course or the fishing pier! The Billy Mitchell Airfield is located off Rt. 12 just west of Frisco where you can charter a plane that gives airborne tours of the island and Pamlico Sound.

The best fishing on the East Coast can be found on Hatteras Island. Hatteras Village is home to numerous charter boats that offer abundant sportfishing in the Pamlico Sound or the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean. Stop by the marinas late in the afternoon to see the day's catch displayed along the docks, which include dolphin, wahoo, tuna and king mackerel. Billfish such as blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish are normally tagged and released. The Hatteras/Ocracoke Ferry, located at the village's southern end, offers free trips all year round. The "Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum," a project in the works, will be located near the ferry terminal.

Village of Avon

Avon is the central village of Hatteras Island located about 30 miles south of Oregon Inlet and about 20 miles north of Hatteras Inlet. Food Lion, the island's only major grocery store brings most vacationers here at one time or another. Avon is also the home office of Outer Beaches Realty where you'll find our swimming pool available exclusively to our guests.

Long ago, Avon was a maritime forest, just like you see today in Buxton and Frisco. The trees were cut down for shipbuilding in the 1700's and never grew back. Today, Avon still has a harbor where local residents earn their livings from commercial fishing. If you were to follow a truck leaving the fish house, you might go to places like Baltimore, Philadelphia or New York.

The beaches of Avon are perhaps the nicest on Hatteras Island. Most oceanfront cottages are either on or very close to the dunes, providing beach views and short walks to the water.

Bring your bikes (or rent them from Island Cycles). You can bike the entire village in minimal time on Highway 12. Browse the Gaskins Gallery while you're there too!

For world-renowned windsurfing, Canadian Hole is only two minutes south of Avon. Bring your boards or just come to watch the thrill and beauty of hundreds of windsurfers "shreading" the wind.

No matter which village you choose, you'll be in one of the top seven on Hatteras Island. C'mon, grab your towel, blanket and lotion-let's hit the beach!

Rodanthe, Waves & Salvo

Guests vacationing in cottages in Rodanthe, Waves or Salvo will check in at our office in Waves, located on the east side of Highway 12 at the entrance to the St. Waves subdivision.

The Tri-Village area offers vacationers plenty of opportunity to relax, take in the surrounding natural beauty of spacious beaches, rolling dunes, and abundant wildlife. If you're looking for something a little more exciting we can accommodate you as well. You can take lessons and rent most kinds of water sport equipment. If you're a history buff you'll want to visit the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station which has been refurbished as a museum, with life saving re-enactments each week. Just to the north is the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge-a bird watcher's paradise!

If you haven't stayed in this area before, try it. You will like it ... especially with the many beautiful cottages offered by Outer Beaches Realty.

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Hatteras Ten Commandments:

  • Thou shalt not go out without sunscreen.
  • Thou shalt not hurry.
  • Thou shalt not pass on the right.
  • Thou shalt not work on vacation.
  • Thou shalt leave thy worries on the other side of the bridge.
  • Thou shalt swim in the ocean daily.
  • Thou shalt enjoy the native flora and fauna.
  • Thou shalt not walk on the dunes.
  • Thou shalt observe each sunset in a relaxed manner.
  • Thou shalt return next year.

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