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REAL Riding Girls Kiteboarding News
Saturday, February 10, 2007 - by Outer Beaches
REAL RIDING GIRLS ARE READY TO ROCK IN 2007!! Book any REAL Riding Girls Camps between now and February 14th and save $100! Don't know your dates, purchase a REAL Riding Girls Camp Certificate and lock in the $100 savings while you pick your dates later. All REAL Riding Girls Camps are taught by women for women, and all ability levels are welcome! For Camp dates, to meet the coaches and inspiration to learn read on ...

REAL Riding Girls 2007 Camp Dates:

April 20-22
May 18-20
June 15-17
July 13-15
August 17-19
September 14-16
October 12-14

In the spring of 2006, the girls of REAL Kiteboarding decided that a women's-specific kite camp was not only a great and fun idea, but also a necessity. We brought the idea to our Head Coaches … and soon after, the REAL Riding Girls Camp was born! We immediately received a great response, and in May 2006, our first sold-out women's camp took place! The other two 2006 camps sold out quickly, and there's been no turning back since.

All REAL Riding Girls Camps are taught by women for women, and all ability levels are welcome! Last year, we taught Zero to Hero campers as well as Evolution and Joyride levels. And no matter what your level, there's always a lot of “clucking” and swapping stories over cold beers at the end of every camp day. So for those of you have been saying, “I'll try kiteboarding next year”… well, NEXT YEAR IS HERE!

Like all other REAL Kiteboarding camps, the REAL Riding Girls Camp runs for three consecutive days with a 2:1 student to coach ratio and “On the Fly” jetski support. On the first day, we meet and greet at the REAL Lesson Center in Waves, and the “clucking” begins! After getting acquainted, we head to the beach and divide into groups by ability levels. We fly kites of all sizes, whether it be a trainer kite, a 5-line kite or bow kite and work on safety, rigging and kite control. After a lunch break, we head into the water to practice body dragging downwind and upwind, relaunching, launching and landing, riding and self-rescue. All the basic skills to become an independent, kiteboarding woman! We wind up the first day in style – with a yoga session to stretch out and relax.

The second day, we get into the water again to practice board skills behind the jetski, to put the board and kite together, to practice turning or to learn how to jump depending upon your personal level. The best part is that that Saturday night is “Ladies Night” at REAL,” when the REAL Riding Girls Camp gets together for dinner to socialize, meet other women kiters from our community and talk about everything, including kiteboarding!

On the third day, we tap into our stoke and reserve energy tank to hit the water again to practice the basics and all the new techniques that you are working on. We also go over safety tips and gear knowledge. And at the end of the day, we host a REAL Riding Girls Session at the Slick, so bring your gear or pick some up to participate. Or simply grab a cold beverage, and come to the REAL Lesson Center, and watch your coaches rip it up!

Meet the coaches:

LUCIE NUZZO: Lucie has been part of the REAL family since its inception in 2001. As REAL's first woman coach, Lucie is valued for her expertise, experience, honesty and love for the sport. Lucie is originally from the Czech Republic, but when she first saw kiteboarding in Key West, Florida, she knew that she had to do it. She has been kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras for almost 5 years now, making this her home.

ENILY VATER: Enily has been managing the REAL Lesson Center since 2004. After working with the coaches for almost 2 years, she decided that another woman kiteboarding coach was needed, so she completed coaches' training this season and became a coach as well.

AIMEE RABY: Aimee means “friend” in French. Don't let the slightness of this lady fool you - she is as tough, ripped and cool as a girl gets! Aimee started kiting 2 years ago and is now one of the best women kiteboarders on Hatteras Island. She started teaching for REAL last season and quickly became a valuable team rider. Aimee is originally from Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, one of the most beautiful, but cold places in the world. To escape the cold weather, she decided to come down to Cape Hatteras with a friend to learn to kiteboard. She cleaned the coaches' house to get by while she learned to kite and started her life on the Outer Banks.

BRITTAINY WRIGHT: Brittainy comes from an extensive sports background and has based her life, goals, and priorities around adrenaline. She grew up in an athletic family in Colorado that played tennis daily, went skiing every weekend, spent every waking minute at swim practice and rode bikes to work instead of using a car. It has been engrained in her to find the most exciting way to live her life every day. Today she even drives her truck like a rally racer to keep things exciting. Brittainy spent most of her teenage years training on the ski hill, as a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team. After years of training, traveling and experience, Brittainy studied at the University of Hawaii, living on the North Shore riding waves every day. After graduation, Brittainy explored the planet in search of waves and priceless experiences. Her travels took her to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, French Polynesian Islands, Society Islands, Latin America, Europe and majority of North America.

You Can Do It!
“Kiteboarding is usually presented like an extreme sport and that image can stop women from giving it a try. One thing you have to bear in mind is that kiteboarding is not only jumping high and riding monster waves. It can be relaxing, cruising on a sunny afternoon.” - Aimee Raby, REAL Kiteboarding Coach

Girls to Girls....
“The girls who want to get into this sport should definitely sign up for the REAL Riding Girls Kite Camp because there is no better place in the world to progress than Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Shallow flat water, steady wind and a lot of space all to yourself! We will teach you how to ride and rip with the boys, but first you'll have to learn to ride and rip with the girls!" - Enily Vater, REAL Kiteboarding Coach

So, Women Kiteboarders, what are you waiting for?? You've got several ways to book your REAL Riding Girls Camp today: call 1- 866- REAL-KITE for more information

We look forward to seeing the ladies on the water soon!

The Crew at REAL Riding Girls

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