Proven action plans to protect your home and your peace of mind

With our spectacular remote island location comes some trade-offs: hurricanes, nor’easters, and other significant events that interrupt normal business and have the potential to damage your home. We know the stress of worrying about your property while you’re so far away, but Outer Beaches is here to be your watchful neighbors and expert protectors. Our proven, all-hands-on-deck storm response plan and communications program are second to none, ensuring that your home and your guests remain safe before, during and after a storm, and that you have all the information you need as quickly as we can provide it.

Guest Communication

As soon as we know a storm may come our way, we begin communication with guests (and owners!) about impending weather conditions and distribute our hurricane preparation information. In the event of a Dare County evacuation, notify all guests in person and by phone, email and social media well before the storm’s anticipated landfall.

Securing Your Home

Upon guest departure, we personally check your home to ensure our hurricane evacuation procedures have been completed and your home is secure.

Reporting & Documentation

Throughout our company history, our staff has stayed on the Island to weather storms, allowing us to track the storm and any resulting damage in real time. We provide you with photos, videos, notes, web updates and more so you know what’s happening.

Post-Storm Inspections

As soon as it is safe to do so, our staff thoroughly inspects your home in person to document any damages in an inspection report uploaded to your OwnerWeb account, initiate needed repairs, and begin reopening your home to get guests back in as soon as possible.


We undertake any emergency repairs necessary to prevent further damage and assist with insurance claims for physical and financial damage, should the need arise.  Our commitment is to restore your home to its original condition in a timely manner.

Communication Program

Throughout the entire storm response process, we keep you updated regularly – at least daily, if not more often – with current weather, evacuation information, storm forecasts, island and road conditions, and other important information the moment we have it.


Contact us to learn more about our storm preparedness and response services.

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