obr28_2014_croppedDespite the buyer’s market of the past few years, we are seeing encouraging signs that a new cycle of growth in the island’s real estate may be forming. A survey by the National Association of Realtors® reflected a very positive change in sentiment concerning the percentage of second-home owners who plan to purchase additional property in the next two years. This is great news for Hatteras Island!

If you are a property owner, our sales staff would like to talk with you concerning the probable sale price of your home or lot and your interest in selling. You will find that our comprehensive marketing plan is designed to produce results.

The biggest advantage of listing your home with Outer Beaches? We provide the highest visibility with three key assets:


Outer Beaches reaches hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, and each is a potential buyer. Combining the highest quality of cottages and rentals with the broadest rental brochure distribution of any Hatteras Island real estate company, Outer Beaches can offer your home or property an unparalleled level of exposure.


With a team of dedicated, full-time sales agents and office locations in Waves, Avon, and Hatteras Village, we are able to canvass all of Hatteras Island and cater to potential buyers. Having an office close to your cottage provides a strategic advantage, as buyers tend to look for properties first in the vicinity of the office they contact.


Because prospective buyers also purchase property in locations other than their initial area of interest, Outer Beaches is a member of the Outer Banks Association of Realtors and its Multiple Listing Service. This service enables us to cross-promote your property with more than 800 agents and affiliates in a network that extends from Corolla to Hatteras Village.

Consider the benefits of marketing your property through Outer Beaches Realty

  • Successful marketing requires the exposure of your property to large numbers of prospective buyers. Outer Beaches is in touch with a vast number of people and each one is a potential buyer. Outer Beaches Realty is among the largest rental programs on Hatteras Island with close to 500 cottages. We take more than 10,000 reservations each year and distribute 40,000 rental brochures annually.
  • Wherever a prospective buyer is located on the island, Outer Beaches has an office to serve their needs. Having an office close to your cottage enhances marketing results because most people tend to look for properties in the vicinity of the office they contact. At the same time, Outer Beaches has the opportunity to capture additional buyers through its other offices. Outer Beaches Realty has offices in Waves, Avon and Hatteras Village.
  • Outer Beaches Realty has a comprehensive advertising program. Ongoing advertising in the Island Breeze, Outer Banks Home Tour and Homes and Land Magazine promotes your property through combined monthly distributions, which may surpass 80,000 copies.
  • Outer Beaches has a sales staff of six full time agents. Therefore, whenever or wherever a prospective buyer makes an inquiry, Outer Beaches has a full time, trained sales representative ready to meet their needs.
  • Prospective buyers frequently end up purchasing property in places that are different from their initial area of interest. Outer Beaches Realty has a membership in the Outer Banks Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service. Through this Multiple Listing Service we are able to provide your property with exposure to over 800 agents and affiliates from Corolla to Hatteras Village.
  • Outer Beaches Realty is highly regarded for the quality of its support staff and the friendly manner in which they interact with everyone they meet. People like to do business with people they like. Our staff is friendly and well trained, and Outer Beaches’ reputation for hospitality is an important asset, which has positive benefits for the effective marketing of your cottage.