6 Crowd-Pleasing Hatteras Island Water Sports


If you haven't experienced Cape Hatteras's most popular water sports, don't take our word for it-experience them for yourself! Especially in the fall, the weather and water are perfect, the crowds have abated, your favorite hot spots are still open, and to top it off, the water sports conditions are ideal! Check out some of the top water sports activities on the island and some of the great people who can set you up with the equipment and knowledge you need to take to the water like a pro.


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Kite Boarding

Not only are the waves ideal here in the fall and winter seasons, the wind conditions are fantastic. Hatteras is a renowned kite boarding location because it's one of very few places in the world you can ride the ocean waves and the glassy sound waters in the same day. According to our friends at Real Watersports, fall brings the northwest, north and northeast winds, and winter sees a pretty even mix of every direction on the compass with northerly winds being cooler and southerly winds being warmer, all great conditions for beginners to pros.

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Wind Surfing

Just like kite boarding, wind surfing on Hatteras in the fall is stellar because of, well, the wind. The experienced folks over at Wind-NC report that by mid-September, we begin to see consistency in the winds. During late fall we typically experience warm water and cool north winds, often times seeing multiple days straight of gale force northeast winds that set up premier windsurfing sessions.

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Cape Hatteras has always been a famous East Coast location for fall and winter surfing. Hurricanes and winter storms tend to push heavy swells our way, delivering barrels surfers dream about all year. These waves aren't just for traditional surfers; Body boarders love to get out this time of year, too!

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There is nothing quite like the freedom of setting sail on an open adventure. Sailing is an awesome way to go sightseeing, and the perfect combination of relaxation and exhilaration. With steady winds throughout the fall, this is an awesome way to experience Hatteras Island whether you're a novice or expert.

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Fall brings the arrival of the surf fishing season here on Hatteras Island. There are multiple tournaments throughout the fall, most of which revolve around the coveted red drum. Red drum fishing is a long time Hatteras Island tradition and brings folks from all over the country to town looking to reel in a winner.  Other species that are biting in the fall include flounder, black drum, king mackerel, spotted sea trout, and striped bass. A week of fall surf fishing will you have you hooked.

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Kayaking and Stand-up Paddlboarding

Both kayaking and SUP are an awesome way to cruise around the coastline and in and out of the meandering canals. Depending on the conditions, a kayak or stand-up paddleboard can be used in the ocean or sound. Kayak fishing has become very popular recently as well and is an awesome way to spend a day on the water. If the surf conditions are right in the ocean, the SUP is a super fun way to gain experience and learn the art of surfing.

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