Outer Beaches Realty & Conner’s Supermarket’s 6th Annual Gobble Gobble Giveaway


As Thanksgiving is approaching, our Annual Gobble Gobble Giveaway has come and gone. At 9 AM on Monday morning, Guests and locals gathered with OBR at Conner’s Supermarket in Buxton. Our 10 finalists showed up with their crews ready to cheer them on if they were chosen as the lucky winner. OBR even had a life-size turkey ready to help gather foods within the time limit and for funny pictures, of course. Spectators placed guesses on what our winner’s cart would total. Guesses ranged from $150 to $450! As the drawing began, our finalists were hoping to be the lucky winner. Carl Sears was this year’s winner. He even answered all 3 trivia questions correctly adding 30 seconds to his time.

Ready. Set. Go! The countdown began with 2 minutes and 30 seconds as Carl raced through Conner’s down every aisle adding to the items in his cart for a Thanksgiving feast. 2 turkeys… a cheese wheel… Coca-Cola… and more! Carl even managed to grab 6 gold balloons – each valued as a $10 gift card. After a fast few minutes, time was up. Now it was time to cash out and see the grand total. Carl managed to put $345.31 worth of groceries into his cart. Wow, what a steal! Bill Martin was very close to the grand total with a guess of $342, making him the lucky recipient of a $100 gift certificate.

After all the items in Carl’s cart were bagged and ready to go, he informed everyone that he was donating the $345 worth of items in his cart to the Hatteras Island Food Pantry. Wow, Carl – what an honor it is to see people giving back to the community! Outer Beaches Realty and Conner’s Supermarket teamed up and matched the grand totals donating $690.62 to Lifeline Outreach OBX and $690.62 to the Hatteras Island Food Pantry.

What an event! There’s nothing better than giving back in your community with friends, neighbors, and visitors. We are so lucky to live in a special place where people pride themselves on helping others. We hope everyone enjoys the rest of Thanksgiving week with family and friends. Until next year… Gobble, gobble!