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What To Know Before Visiting Hatteras Island

Heading to Hatteras Island? Here’s how you can help to keep your family and the Hatteras Island community safe. We highly recommend sharing this page with your traveling party before you leave for your next beach trip.

Planning Ahead
  • Supplies, groceries, and essential equipment may be limited. We recommend purchasing what you need ahead of time to avoid local shortages.
  • Bring your facemasks and any other PPE with you for you and your family to use in public spaces or during any interactions. You may be able purchase PPE locally but it is not guaranteed in stock anywhere here on Hatteras Island.
  • · Take anything with you that will make you feel more comfortable about the cleanliness around the house, for example hand sanitizer or spray. Read about our cleaning processes. We will always do our best but cannot make guarantees.

  • Restaurant laws are still in effect, meaning that many restaurants or accommodations are not able to operate at full-capacity. Takeout is likely going to be your best option so plan your meals ahead of time and call ahead early.

What to do if there’s an emergency

If you or your family are scheduled to arrive in the next 14 days and have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), please contact Outer Beaches Realty Immediately.

If you or any of your traveling party begin to feel sick while you are here, or even 14 days after, please let us know. If you are here, we will direct you to the nearest local testing center available and follow steps to ensure that you are safe. If you have tested positive while in a vacation rental, we need to know immediately. Please do not leave your home until we give further instructions.

Lastly, we continue to recommend practicing safe social distancing practices as recommended by the CDC. Please remember to wash your hands whenever possible.

Please come to our beautiful Island with the understanding that we want you to enjoy this area while remaining proactive about safety. We want to help keep this beach for all to enjoy and it starts with how we approach our visitors. We are confident that you’ll agree with us and thank you in advance for helping to keep our area as safe as we can.

Statement on COVID-19

While Outer Beaches will work to provide a clean and comfortable rental, Outer Beaches cannot and does not guarantee that conditions relative to the Coronavirus may not be present in or around the property, or that individuals with the virus will not be present in Dare County