Gobble Gobble Recap 2019

Outer Beaches Realty & Conner’s Supermarket’s 7th Annual Gobble Gobble Giveaway 


Another heartwarming Gobble Gobble Giveaway has come and gone. Today, friends and family gathered at Conner’s Supermarket for a great cause.

10 lucky finalists from Rodanthe to Hatteras were randomly selected for the contest. Each showed up with their respective crews, all eager to take the reins behind an unregulated shopping cart for 2.5 minutes at our one-of-a-kind “supermarket sweepstakes” style event. The goal: get as much in your cart so OBR and Conner’s can match the amount for each of the local food pantries. Spectators were able to jump in on the fun as well, placing early guesses pre-event on what our winner’s cart might total in hopes of winning $100. Guesses ranged from $150 to over $600

As the drawing began, all finalist’s names were called out (thanks Kayla!) until one chosen warrior stood behind. Charles Young was this year’s winner! They answered all three bonus time trivia questions with ease and stepped up to cart like a boss, ready to execute their well-planned strategy.

It’s Go Time!

The Young family barreled through Conner’s, whipping through each aisle like true professionals, grabbing anything and everything in sight. All while grabbing 6 gold balloons – each valued as a $10 gift card!

After a fast few minutes, it was time to see how everything stacked up at the counter. Gracefully, they were able to pull in $836.95 with little more than a salsa spill. Wow, what a haul!

Outer Beaches Realty and Conner’s Supermarket stepped in to match the grand total, each donating $836.95 to Lifeline Outreach OBX and $836.95 to the Hatteras Island Food Pantry, for a grand total of $3,350 donated!

After all the madness, items in their cart were bagged and ready to go. The Young family informed everyone that they were donating the majority of the of items in their cart to the Hatteras Island Food Pantry and Lifeline Outreach OBX Food Pantry. How heart-warming is it to see people giving back to the community?

What an event! There’s nothing better than giving back in your community with friends, family, neighbors, and visitors. We are SO lucky to live in a special place like this where people pride themselves on helping others. And it’s been a tough year, so all the little things we can do together like this add up to make a big impact. We hope everyone enjoys the rest of Thanksgiving week with family and friends. Until next year… Gobble, gobble!

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