Communication 5: 7/29 at 10 a.m.



This is Communication #5 for the Island-wide power outage released at 10 a.m., Saturday, July 29.

Dare County issued a mandatory evacuation of visitors to Hatteras Island effective at 6 a.m. Saturday, July 29. No re-entry timeline has been provided at this time.

From the latest Dare County press release:

Due to life safety issues from the loss of reliable electrical power on Hatteras Island and growing uncertainty as to when repairs to the main transmission line will be completed to enable restoration of full power to the island, a mandatory evacuation has been issued for all visitors to Hatteras Island, effective at 6 a.m. on Saturday, July 29. This evacuation order includes the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras.

Residents, non-resident property owners, essential personnel, and non-resident employees of non-critical businesses will be allowed entry with proper reentry credentials.

Dare County Emergency Management will continue to work with Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative to help facilitate the restoration of power to levels that will allow visitors to return. At this time there is no estimate regarding the timeline for full restoration of services. Updates regarding reentry for visitors will be provided as information is available.


From the Dare County Sherriff's Office regarding re-entry:

If you are evacuated, delay return until recommended or authorized by local authorities. A staged re-entry process will be used by the Dare County Control Group to facilitate an orderly re-entry.

No one will be denied entry with proper identification. Proper Identification includes:
Driver's License with Dare County Address
Current Tax Bill
Reentry Pass

Please Note: No re-entry permits will be issued within 72 hours of expected landfall of a storm on the Outer Banks. Re-entry passes from previous years will not be accepted.


Priority One: Essential Personnel
Essential personnel include essential utilities personnel, government personnel, medical personnel, and damage assessment personnel. Essential personnel will receive a Priority One Critical Personnel Pass for reentry from Municipal Mayors and the Chairman of the Dare County Control Group.

Priority Two: Permanent Residents & Essential Personnel for Critical Businesses
Permanent Residents will be allowed reentry with a valid NC driver's license with a local address or a current Dare County property tax receipt. Non-resident essential personnel of critical businesses such as food service/supply, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, property management, building supply and hotels will be permitted reentry only with a permit.

Priority Three: Non-Resident Property Owners and Non-Resident Employees of Non-Critical Businesses

Reentry permits are mailed to non-resident property owners. Permits are issued one to a household based on tax registration information. There are two separate non-resident property owner permits; one for property owners North of Oregon Inlet and one for property owners South of Oregon Inlet. Contact Dare County Emergency Management (252.475.5655) if you are a non-resident property owner and have not received your reentry permit. Non-resident employees of non-critical businesses will be allowed entry with a reentry pass.

Priority Four: General Public and Visitors

No reentry pass is needed for Priority Four.


Following all official county orders, all Outer Beaches homes are closed. Guests due to check in this weekend should delay arrival until the evacuation order has been lifted. Guests currently on the Island should follow all county orders and evacuate the Island to the north in a safe and timely manner.

Refunds for shortened or missed vacations are being issued at the determination of travel insurance providers. For Guests who purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider (found here: /vacation-rentals/travel-insurance/) with your reservation number or policy number to file a claim for coverage.

Outer Beaches is cooperating with all Dare County and CHEC orders and recommendations to support their efforts in restoring power to all areas as quickly as possible. At this time, we are waiting on next updates from CHEC and Dare County officials, and we will continue to communicate all new information as soon as it is received. Our next scheduled update will be at 2 p.m. today, July 29, unless additional information is received earlier.

Outer Beaches offices and phone lines are currently open to serve you. Please anticipate a high call volume and extended wait time. We are working to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, please travel safely.

-The Outer Beaches Realty Team