Communication 8: 7/30 at 10 a.m.


Dare County remains under a mandatory evacuation of visitors to Hatteras Island effective at 6 a.m. Saturday, July 29. No re-entry timeline has been provided at this time.


Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) continues restoration efforts in the wake of a transmission outage that was caused when PCL Construction accidently drove a steel casing into the cooperative's underground transmission cable on Thursday morning, July 27.

A mandatory evacuation remains in effect for all visitors to Hatteras Island. CHEC will continue to supply temporary power to residents on the island through the Buxton diesel generators and portable generators until the transmission repairs are complete. The cooperative is also working to expand the temporary generation service on Hatteras Island, in order to accommodate the return of visitors.

PCL Construction, CHEC and New River Construction, the cooperative's transmission contractor, excavated the site of the incident. CHEC's transmission system is three-phase, meaning there are three individual cables buried on the south side of the bridge. Crews have exposed one of the cables, revealing that it was severed by the steel casing.

The cooperative ran tests to check the integrity of other two cables Saturday night and the testing data was analyzed overnight. The test revealed that all three transmission cables have been compromised.

CHEC has called in additional resources to further assess the situation. The cooperative has multiple options for both temporary and permanent repair solutions.

CHEC appreciates the continued support of officials from local and state agencies, including Governor Cooper's office. The cooperative appreciates the continued patience and encouragement from both our members and visitors.



Due to life safety issues from the loss of reliable electrical power on Hatteras Island and growing uncertainty as to when repairs to the main transmission line will be completed to enable restoration of full power to the island, a mandatory evacuation has been issued for all visitors to Hatteras Island, effective at 6 a.m. on Saturday, July 29. This evacuation order includes the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco and Hatteras. Click here to download the Emergency Declaration for Mandatory Evacuation for travel insurance purposes. Residents, non-resident property owners, essential personnel, and non-resident employees of non-critical businesses will be allowed entry with proper reentry credentials.




Following all official county orders, all Outer Beaches homes remain closed. Guests due to check in this weekend should delay arrival until the evacuation order has been lifted. For Guests due to check in August 4-6, we do not yet have any information on if/how your vacation will be impacted. We will communicate with you via these updates and a direct email as soon as we have more information that relates to your stay.

Refunds for shortened or missed vacations are being issued at the determination of travel insurance providers. For Guests who purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider (found here: /vacation-rentals/travel-insurance/) with your reservation number or policy number to file a claim for coverage. Please also see the link in Dare County's message above to download the Emergency Declaration of Mandatory Evacuation to provide to your insurer.

Outer Beaches would like to sincerely thank all Guests who followed evacuation orders and left homes in great condition. We know how much of a burden it was to interrupt your vacation, and we and the entire Island community appreciate your efforts in working together with us in this unexpected turn of events.

Outer Beaches is cooperating with all Dare County and CHEC orders and recommendations to support their efforts in restoring power to all areas as quickly as possible. At this time, we are waiting on next updates from CHEC and Dare County officials, and we will continue to communicate all new information as soon as it is received. Our next scheduled update will be at 5 p.m. this evening, July 30, unless additional information is received earlier.

Outer Beaches offices and phone lines are currently open to serve you. Please anticipate a high call volume and extended wait time. We are working to answer all questions as quickly as possible, so we appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult situation.

In the meantime, please travel safely.

-The Outer Beaches Realty Team