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Coronavirus - Communication #6

4:00 PM, April 3rd, 2020

Updates from our Team

Over the past few weeks, we have encountered a situation unlike any other and you have been more than patient with us while we adapt to these new changes.

Outer Beaches Realty is following NCREC Guidelines and making every effort to help our Guests. We've been working with Guests 1-on-1 to move April reservations immediately and we're steadily working through our list of arrivals as quickly as we can.

To help make things easier, we’ve started offering a ‘Vacation Voucher’ to quickly transfer your reservation to a different week including 2021. We have found that the Vacation Voucher helps to alleviate any frustrations or hassles with having to work with TI companies, wait for refunds, and the pain that comes with shopping and rebooking all over again.

There is no expected date when Dare County will reopen, but we do know there is a ‘Stay at Home’ order until April 30th. We are hopeful that COVID-19 will dissipate quickly with folks practicing ‘social distancing’ and we will continue to work with each Guest on their reservation. We ask for your understanding while awaiting to hear what’s next. We ask that you search or visit our website or call us with any questions regarding anything you need cleared up. Our Team is here to help and remember we’re a small business and our hearts are in this with you.

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