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Coronavirus Local Updates

We are currently experiencing exceptionally high call volume. Please be patient with our Team as we work our way through each Guest’s request.  

If you are looking for information regarding COVID-19-related closures, please see our FAQ page.  

Lastly, we apologize for any inconvenience as we work through this together.

How To Practice Social Distancing & Still Enjoy Your Beach Vacation!

Vacationing in the era of COVID-19 doesn't have to be difficult. Enjoy the perks of physical distancing while on vacation. Take a long walk on the beach, enjoy your favorite book, collect seashells along the shore, order grocery delivery and cook together as a family.  Instead of matching family t-shirts embrace this moment in our world history and DIY your very own matching masks! 

Physical Distancing

While at the beach try to keep a healthy 6 Ft. of distance between yourself and others. Walk a little further down from the beach ramp to give yourself extra space.

Tip: Place your towels or chairs further apart to give yourself more space. Build a mini fortress! Get the kids involved by having them collect shells to place around your beach area, this will help prevent passers by from walking into your space. 

Community Areas

Many Community pools have reopened. It's important to follow the health & safety guidelines presented by each individual community.

Nature Trails & Fishing Piers are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while on vacation! When using public spaces remember to wipe them off prior to use and after you leave, this will help prevent the spread of germs. Some fishing piers have established new safety guidelines, be sure to check in with the pier before you go! 

Masks & Gloves

The new "normal" in the COVID-19 era is wearing a mask & gloves while out shopping or in a public gathering place. 

Wearing a mask is the new sign of respect. A mask doesn't necessarily protect you but it does show others that although you may not be presenting COVID-19 symptoms you are aware that you may be a carrier and as such you are wearing a mask to respect the health and safety of others around you.

When wearing gloves be mindful of cross-contamination and bring a few extra pairs with you. The best explanation of cross contamination that we can all relate to is, pretend that you've touched something sticky, you don't want to use that same glove and get your phone, wallet or sunglasses sticky too. 

Plan With Confidence 

We have implemented new cleaning guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and our staff. We allow for all contracts to be signed electronically and we offer vacation rentals with key-less entry accommodations.  Your Safety is our number one priority! 

It's the Little Things

Each of us can take small steps to help slow the spread of the Coronoavirus. Hand washing is one of the most important things you can do! Be sure to wash your hands as frequently as possible and for 20 seconds each time. If you're out and about be sure to bring your hand sanitizer with you!

COVID-19 Communication Website Updates from OBR:

Since Dare County has announced reopening, OBR is no longer doing regular new Coronavirus Communication Updates. We will continue to update our website accordingly and push any new communications or information through e-mail.  Please ensure that is added to your contact list.

Previous Communications

FAQs regarding COVID-19 and your vacation:

We’ve been busy cross-checking our chemicals with the recommended list of chemicals that have been found to kill the virus. The good news is that Outer Beaches chemicals used on hard surfaces do, in fact, kill COVID-19. With more information developing daily, we're actively watching and cross training our team to make sure everyone is aware of the situation.

Each of our housekeepers is trained and up to date on the best cleanliness practices for sanitation and disinfection. These processes are evolving as we learn more information. The OBR commercial laundry facility, the largest of its kind on the Island, enables us to provide high temperature water to provide maximum sanitizing not achievable from home laundry machines.

If you need to get in direct contact, please reach out to Guest Services at 1-800-627-1850.

For More COVID-19 Updates Visit These Authorities:

Dare County Emergency Management

Stay in the know on all the latest COVID-19 Updates 

World Health Organization

See what the world health organization has to say about COVID-19 Pandemic.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

We are following strict CDC guidelines to keep our community & you safe.

Emergency Information

Outer Banks Hospital

4800 S. Croatan Highway, Nags Head, NC 27959
MP 14, Nags Head
Toll-free: 877-359-9179

Dare County Health Department

Public health department
50347 NC-12
Open ? Closes 5PM · (252) 475-9320

HealthEast Family Care on Hatteras Island

57635 Highway 12, Hatteras, NC 27943

Hatteras Island Fire Department

Fire station:
(252) 986-2356

Additional Resources: