10 AM, Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Hello, and thanks for checking in with Outer Beaches Realty on Hatteras Island. This is communication #4 for Hurricane Dorian as of Tuesday, September 3. Currently on Hatteras it’s 81 degrees, sunny, and calm winds.

All visitors need to immediately prepare to leave the Island and depart your vacation home by noon. For Dare County residents, Dare County has issued a Mandatory Evacuation for all of Dare County starting at 6:00 AM tomorrow, September 4th.

Dorian is now a Category 3 Hurricane and appears to be making its turn to the north as it slowly departs the Bahamas. The projected path continues to take it close to Hatteras Island during the overnight hours on Thursday. Models project it brushing the southern part of Hatteras Island as a Category 2 storm. However, any slight movement from the current projection could cause dangerous conditions for Hatteras Island.

For Guests currently in homes, Please complete the storm preparations at your home. Your help is much needed and greatly appreciated. As you leave, please follow the following electronic lock procedure so we know you have vacated. OBR Inspection crews are already performing the tedious process of ensuring our homes are as ready as possible for what may come. Your timely departure will enable them to complete their job and evacuate with their families for their own safety. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Step 1: Press any button to lock the door.
Step 2: Please ensure the door is locked, then enter 123456 and press check or *. This will inform us that you have left the property.

Please return any trash cans to the home and secure them as best as possible. Also, please secure all loose items around the house to minimize their chance of causing damage with blowing winds.

Please drive safely as you leave the Island. Unless you were staying an additional week, do not plan on returning. We apologize for this disruption of your vacation. If you selected Travel Insurance, follow the guidelines in your insurance information.

For Guests due to arrive this weekend, keep your plans intact but closely monitor national reports and the Outer Beaches website for regular updates and advisories. Should the storm follow the projected path, we’re hopeful your check-ins will be uninterrupted…keep your fingers crossed!

Dorian continues to be a real ‘pain’. Our best hope is that he stays as far away from Hatteras as possible and keep us all safe and undamaged. We’ll keep you updated. Our next communication is scheduled for 10 AM tomorrow. Enjoy your day, even if it is with sadness as you are cutting your vacation short.

Outer Beaches Realty

Additional resources: National Weather Service | National Hurricane Center | Dare County Emergency Management | Outer Beaches Hurricane Information & FAQ Page

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