6 PM, Friday, September 6, 2019

Hello, and thanks for checking in with Outer Beaches Realty on Hatteras Island. This is Communication #8 for Hurricane Dorian as of Friday September 6, 6 PM. Currently on Hatteras, overcast skies, 72 degrees, winds W/NW 20-25. A Mandatory Evacuation remains in effect for all of Dare County.

It’s been quite a day. The eye of Dorian passed over Hatteras about 8-9am this morning. Winds went from 50-60, to calm, then 70-80 with gusts over 100 mph on the backside of the storm. Dorian had intensified back to 100 mph as it passed Hatteras. There was minimal storm surge from the ocean. Pamlico Sound, on the other hand, was fierce. As Dorian approached, winds blew the Sound waters to the east, completely emptying water on the Hatteras side….quite a sight to see. Then, as the storm passed it all came back with a vengeance. It went from no standing water to 3-5 feet on Hwy 12 within a matter of an hour. Some local residents say it was the fastest flooding they’ve ever seen and perhaps record levels in Frisco and Hatteras villages. Water has been turned off for Hatteras Village due to a water main break which cannot be repaired until flood waters recede. Power remains out on the Island as power crews repair/replace transmission lines and snapped poles. While there is a lot of surface damage to many homes such as roof shingles and siding, we have not yet seen significant structural issues…..then again, we are just beginning to be able to get out to assess.

Cell and internet service are spotty, so field communications are a bit hampered.

Thus, this is a very preliminary report so stay tuned for a more thorough report in our next communication.

For Guests due to arrive this weekend, our best current guess is it will be at least Monday before the Island reopens. Of course, stay tuned to national reports and these communications. We will keep you updated with the best information and assessments available to us. Rest assured we will have crews entering every home as soon as possible to make assessment reports so we will be in position to identify any homes which may not immediately be in rentable condition. If this occurs to your home, we will have options available to discuss with you. We will do everything we can to get you here to enjoy your remaining vacation.

As we receive damage assessment reports, we will prioritize contact with homes having received more than surface damage. Please be patient. No early news is good news for you. Eventually EVERY owner will hear from us to review our findings. Refraining from placing non-urgent phone calls will enable us to get through our inspections more expeditiously.

Now’s when the hard work begins. The stellar OBR Team is on it! We hope to open our offices tomorrow morning with a skeleton staff, at least manning the phones. Most employees will be out in the field completing inspections. In the meantime, watch some football or tennis and enjoy the weekend. Our next report will be at 1 PM tomorrow, when we should know a lot more and Dare County should also weigh in with county-wide assessments and re-opening projections. Enjoy your Friday evening.

Outer Beaches Realty

Additional resources: National Weather Service | National Hurricane Center | Dare County Emergency Management | Outer Beaches Hurricane Information & FAQ Page | Outer Beaches Travel Insurance Page

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