Glass Tables and Tabletop Protectors


by Vicki Langhel


At Outer Beaches, we're often asked about glass tables and tabletop protectors in a vacation rental home. Our answer? Avoid them! Our more than 40 years in the industry has led us to the conclusion that glass tabletops are not meant for a vacation rental home.

The Problem with Glass Tables and Tabletop Protectors

Even if a guest has glass tops at home, they may be less careful with those in a vacation home. Many visitors are often in week-long party mode: every day is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays all rolled into one as families gather together to enjoy each other's company. If you have glass tables or tabletop protectors, breakage is likely, and this expensive damage is not covered under some guest accidental damage plans. Additionally, broken glass creates the risk for your guests or their children to cut themselves - this is not worth it.

What to Choose Instead

To avoid this liability and the significant expense of replacing glass surfaces, simply avoid glass tables and tabletop protectors, and choose furniture that does not require protection. A good general rule of thumb is to opt for middle of the road furniture - not so cheap it doesn't last a season, but not so expensive it requires extra protection. Hatteras Island Interior Design is a fantastic local resource specializing in furniture and other home design needs that look great while standing up to the wear and tear of the vacation rental market and saving you money.

Glass surfaces are just plain not rental friendly. For more tips on choosing the right furniture and surfaces for your home, give us a call at 866-900-6638 or send us a message at the contact form below.


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