The Golden Hour


I'm not sure if it's a thing many people say or not, but in my world on Cape Hatteras, we've often referred to the evening hours as "the golden hour". Usually this is in terms of photography. The light is soft and flattering, there aren't any harsh shadows cast by eyebrows or chins and everyone, generally, looks pretty fabulous at the end of a great day on the beach. Hatteras Island catches the golden hour at her best. With the beach on one side and the sound on the other, there's sparkling water all around casting an incredible backdrop for any photo. The gold colors of the dunes are accentuated and even the dull sand seems to sparkle between the 5 and 7 evening summer hours. Next time you are down and you want to capture a great family photo (professional or amateur) try it at this time. I'd be willing to bet that you will love the results. Whether people are spiffed up or still sporting salty hair and sun-kissed faces, gather them up and get that shot that you've been missing.

Perhaps you're looking for the quintessential Cape Hatteras scenic photo. Like the photo at the right, this is also a wonderful time to get that image you see in so many magazines, advertisements and calendars. Take a tip from the pros and wait for the light to do the work for you. Snap one during the golden hour this year and show it off to all your friends back home.