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Letter from the CEO

Thanks for considering Outer Beaches Realty for your Hatteras Island vacation. I can remember the first time I came to Hatteras, having discovered it as I was setting up a computer system at a hospital in Elizabeth City back in the 70's. We stayed in the Tasker house in Rodanthe which has since succumbed to the encroaching ocean. Of course our stay was during a storm so we experienced the thrills and beauty of Mother Nature. It was love at first sight! I still have a college buddy who was with me on that first trip who has returned almost every year and whose kids consider Hatteras as an annual ritual – time to push for those grandkids now, DZ!

Both my children, Kimmy and AJ, were born on Hatteras (well, that hospital in Elizabeth City, anyway). The Island is part of their heritage, and they will always have a little tar on their heels.

Over the years we have been fortunate to develop great friendships with our Guests, Owners, fellow Outer Beaches Realty employees and other residents. Hatteras is truly a warm and inviting place to develop and strengthen such bonds. You cannot help but to enjoy those who share the experience. Whether you come for an intimate winter getaway or a gala family reunion, a Hatteras Island vacation with Outer Beaches Realty will renew your spirit.

At Outer Beaches Realty we are always looking for ways to serve our Guests like no others can do. Unique services from Outer Beaches Realty like beds made year round, Signature Amenities in every home to begin your vacation, honest straight forward pricing (you can actually rent our homes for the price advertised plus tax), use your credit cards at no additional fee to build your frequent traveler points… all offered ONLY by Outer Beaches Realty.

C'mon down. A gentle breeze is blowing, the weather is great, the ocean waters are warm, the fish are hungry and your spot on our wide-open beaches (still ranked among the top 10 beaches in the USA) awaits you. We look forward to seeing you… at the beach!

Alex Risser, CEO

Our Promise to You

At Outer Beaches Realty, from the moment you book a reservation or list your vacation property with us we promise to:

  • Welcome you into the Outer Beaches family by treating you with the same level of trust and respect as we do our own family
  • Provide the highest level of customer service among all real estate companies on the Outer Banks

  • Display honesty, integrity and professionalism in our every interaction with you

  • Go the distance to make your Outer Beaches experience convenient and enjoyable

…so your family gets the most from your Hatteras Island vacation home!