High-Liability Amenities


by Debbie Martin


Putting yourself in your guests' shoes and providing extras that make their stay easier and more relaxing is always a great idea. However, there are some amenities that might look good on paper but are actually much riskier than they're worth. These amenities include items that are prone to break, which immediately opens the door for guest complaints and demands for refunds, or worse, potential injuries.

Let's take a look at some of the top amenities we recommend owners leave out of their vacation rentals.

Porch Swings and Hammocks

The salty Hatteras Island air may be great for our bodies and souls, but it does no favors for the chains and fixtures of porch swings and hammocks. Combining corroding chains with hundreds of guests' behinds causes these items to fail quickly. These are accidents waiting to happen.

Baby Items

In addition to being prime germ breeding grounds that are difficult to clean, many baby items like high chairs, Pack 'n' Plays, cribs, and baby gates have been recalled at one time or another. Remove this liability from yourself by letting guests bring their own baby gear or renting it from local providers like Ocean Atlantic Rentals or Moneysworth who are fantastic at the replacement, cleaning and routine maintenance of their products.

Bikes, Kayaks and Beach Gear

We've heard complaint after complaint about broken, rusty or missing bikes, beach chairs and umbrellas, kayaks and other recreational items. If these items are advertised in your home's property details, guests expect to find them all there and in top condition. It is nearly impossible for an owner to keep these items properly maintained and secured at all times they're not being used, and not only do they invite negative guest reviews, they can also create serious safety hazards for your guests.

Instead, Outer Beaches has made it easy to still offer these items and more to your guests at no cost to you through our VayK Gear Beach Gear Included program. VayK Gear delivers high quality rental equipment of your guests' choice directly to your home on check-in day. In the event of a flat tire or other issue, VayK Gear will also replace and repair the item for the guest often within 24 hours. Guests love this program!

Trust us: Leave the liability to someone else! For more information on Outer Beaches' VayK Gear program or any other amenities, give us a call at 866-900-6638 or send us a message at the contact form below.


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