Poseidon, The Winged Horse

Introducing Poseidon, The Winged Horse

We’re pleased to welcome Poseidon the Winged Horse to the Outer Banks community!

Here’s a quick story about the story behind the winged horses, our artists and inspiration, and where to find the rest of the winged horses on Hatteras Island and the OBX.

A little bit about the Winged Horses:

The Winged Horse Extravaganza stemmed from a not-for-profit public art project in celebration of the Centennial of Flight in 2003. 99 blank full-sized fiberglass horses were decorated and displayed across the entire Outer Banks from 2002 to 2004, with sponsors individually commissioning artists to display their creativity.  The proceeds from the auctions of the horses were sent to both the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and the popular Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. Why horses and not something else? Oddly enough, over 100 wild Spanish mustangs can still be seen roaming the Outer Banks today!

A lengthy process

Long-time Outer Beaches guests may recall what Poseidon used to look like. See the photo above. Despite being the god of the sea, a tumultuous season of storms left Poseidon crippled and broken. Unable to stand on his own, two outstanding individuals, Erica Zieger and Alicia Thorpe, recognized his plight and decided to take action. Here are a few shots from the creative process. You’ll see how the scales were created with cellophane, and how a little bit of arcylic and latex can go a long way.

About Alicia: “I grew up in a family with a lot of artistic talent, so it’s no surprise that I inherited the creative gene. There’s never been a time in my life that I wasn’t creating something or diving into color. I went to school for Graphic Design and moved on to Web Design that I could pursue a career that I’m 100% passionate about. I stay creative by dabbling in anything that intrigues me at that moment and exploring new wide-reaching opportunities. Basically, if you can find it in a craft store or on Pinterest, I’m interested in it!”

About Erika: “I grew up on Hatteras Island and like Alicia, talent runs through my family. I’ve always enjoyed the solitude of the winters and the warmth of the summers — painting the scenery, the island, as well as sea life, are just a few of my favorite subjects. As long as I have a paintbrush, I am happy.”

Where to find Poseidon and the other Winged Horses

Poseidon the Winged Horse can be found at our Outer Beaches Realty office in Avon: 40227 Tigrone Blvd, Avon, NC 27915. The other horses can be found on this website. Feel free to call us at 252-995-4477 or visit www.outerbeaches.com if you need any help finding us. Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag #OBRFUN or @OuterBeaches!