Preventative Care & Expert Response

Our professionally trained staff of maintenance technicians, dispatchers and managers are here to handle any potential issue the rental market throws our way and keep your home in peak condition. On top of quick and thorough response by our techs and the support of our specialist vendors, we offer a number of preventative maintenance programs to minimize potential problems from ever occurring in the first place.

Jenny Creech
Maintenance Manager

Meet your respective OBR office Maintenance Coordinators...

Sara Scarborough

Sara is a native of Hatteras Island. The daughter of a commercial fisherman, Sara understands the hustle and bustle of the rental season. She is eager to learn as much about your rental home as possible so that she can be sure that your home is being well looked after.

Kim Sauerwald

Kim is a go getter who is familiar with repair issues that pop up daily in our industry. She is very proactive about resolving issues at your home. Kim spent 30 years doing inside sales for a large electrical distribution company before making Hatteras Island her home and joining the OBR team.

Mitch Heskett

Before making his home on Hatteras Island, Mitch spent about 30 years working in production and maintenance in an industrial (plastic extrusion) setting. Mitch and his wife Tonya owned a rental home here on Hatteras Island for many years before moving here permanently. This allows Mitch to better serve you the Homeowner as he has experience from different perspectives.

Gordon Stark

Gordon pursued his dream of owning a home on Hatteras Island in 2016. Gordon came to work for Outer Beaches in 2015 as a Maintenance Technician and quickly climbed our ranks to become an OBR Maintenance Coordinator. Gordons biggest asset is his attention to detail when it comes to maintaining your home

Pool & Spa Program

Outer Beaches is one of the only property management companies on Hatteras Island to have an in-house Pool and Spa Maintenance Program. All of our maintenance technicians are certified by the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association. We perform weekly chemical checks as well as clean pools for every check in, so you guests can jump in the moment they arrive. We also offer a growing list of minor pool and spa equipment repairs as well as winterization services to keep these critical amenities in top shape all year long.

Inspections & Home Care ­Services

Keeping your home safe and running in top condition is critical, so we send annual reminders for all the specialized inspections, routine services, and tune-ups you may need, including deck inspections, elevator and luggage lifts, lawn service, HVAC and major appliances inspections, fire prevention and safety, and pest control. For all of these services, we get them scheduled for you, coordinate with vendors, and oversee communications.

Fans & Filters ­Program

For homes in our Fans and Filters Program, a dedicated fans and filters technician visits your home once a month from June through September and replaces all of your air filters to keep your AC in tip top shape all season long. While we’re there, we also clean your ceiling fans so your guests experience nothing but that fresh sea breeze.

Dedicated ­Management & ­Coordinators

In addition to our Maintenance Manager, every home has a designated maintenance coordinator. In addition to combined decades of experience in maintaining and protecting Hatteras Island homes, we get to know your unique home inside and out.


We offer both full and partial winterization services. For homes that remain open for owner or guest use through the winter, we secure and protect your outside water lines, such as those to fish cleaning tables and outdoor showers. For homes that are completely shut down in the off season, we turn off your water, clear water lines, place antifreeze in critical water-using appliances, and turn off your power.

Storm ­Preparedness & Response

We know the stress of worrying about your property while you’re so far away. Our proven, all-hands-on-deck storm response plan and communications program are second to none, and our Maintenance team leads the way in securing your home before a storm hits, assessing and reporting any damage, getting repairs done swiftly, and re-opening your home to guests as quickly as possible. Learn more about our Storm Preparedness & Communication program

Routine ­Maintenance & Repair

No matter how many preventative actions we take, things will still break. That’s the nature of the vacation rental industry, and we’re your first line of response to get problems corrected as quickly as possible. When urgent issues arise – safety hazards or issues interfering guest use of your home – we have a tech on site within an hour, and most non-urgent issues are resolved within 48 hours (barring any major circumstances or delays outside of our control.) We troubleshoot and repair minor issues before contacting a specialist or your preferred vendors for larger repairs to deliver the fastest possible resolution for your guests and the most affordable resolution for you.

Spring Tune-Ups

Just like spring cleaning, spring tune-ups are key to getting your home ready for the rental season. While your home is being deep cleaned by our expert Housekeeping Department, our maintenance technicians will do a thorough check of your home for minor maintenance needs, such as new light bulbs, loose step threads, or air vents in need of cleaning or replacement.

OBR DirecTV Support

For homes in the OBR DirecTV owner discount program, our maintenance technicians are fully trained to be the first line of support for troubleshooting any issues with your TV service or equipment, preventing unnecessary DirecTV service tech trips and saving you money.

Owner Communication

No owner should be left in the dark on repairs needed at their home, so we update owners of all work and repairs regularly, often same business day. Even in the heat of the peak season, we make sure you’re in the loop and we have your authorization to move forward with critical repairs when the need arises. Learn more about our Owner Communication Programs.