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Meet Buck

Buck Meier is Outer Beaches' magnetic new Property Recruiter. With an extensive background in business development on Hatteras Island and an eager eye on the rental market, Buck is ready to work together with you to achieve your needs and surpass your goals. 

Hailing from Columbus, OH and raised on a farm, he found Hatteras Island while obtaining his B.A. in English at VMI in Lexington, VA. Shortly thereafter, he took a job in Annapolis before following his heart back to Hatteras.  For the past 20 years, Buck has forged a solid network of relationships through sales and business development in Avon. He recently bought his first house in Avon and indulges in gardening, making kombucha, and raising his three Labradors. 

When Buck is not at the office, you can generally find him on the beach.  He spends most of his time in the summer surfing and paddleboarding, and in the winter he takes a trip back to Columbus to catch a glimpse of Buckeye football. He especially loves to vacation to ski destinations.

Buck lives by a personal mantra, “Perception is Reality”. In our business, presentation is everything and he's not afraid to tell you how it is. Call Buck to get a quote on your house, chat about vacation rentals, or discuss options we can help with to get more money for your vacation rentals.

"I think my versatile background gives me the ability to relate and understand many different kinds of people. The most important thing I want to convey is that “You are not just a number” when you are on board with OBR. Having all your needs taken care of under one roof provides accountability, stability and a sense of family. When an entire team understands the urgency of your needs, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.”