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Outer Beaches Realty's Sales Team makes buying and selling on Hatteras Island a Breeze. With a combined experience of over 130 years in the Hatteras Island sales market, our trusted real estate agents continue to stand out as professionals who care about their clients' needs and respect their preferences. If your goal is buying or selling a home or piece of property, let us show you the OBR difference.

Talk to a licensed agent today: 866-627-6627 or Sales@OuterBeaches.com

Tackle the market with our Buyer's Seminar every Tuesday at 9:30 AM

Each week, we hold a Buyer's Seminar where one of our agents will show you the ropes about real estate investing on the outer banks. We'll get to know you and learn what you want and do everything we can to help you achieve it. Buyer's Seminar's are held in each OBR office.

Why choose OBR?

Dedicated & Experienced Sales Team | Buying & Selling Homes, Condos, Lots & Commercial Property | Pricing Analyses & Market Reporting | Custom Marketing Plans

Hatteras Island is a very special place where the pace of life is inseparably linked to the rhythms of the wind and the sea and the tides. It is a place where you can spend your time doing what you want, finding peace and quiet, and enjoying the pleasures of a very simple lifestyle.

Summer vacations often evolve into the purchase of a home or lot. When the time comes for you to buy or sell an island property that you own, you will want the security of knowing that you are working with professionals who understand your needs and care about your preferences. With over 130 years of combined real estate experience, the Outer Beaches Sales team is uniquely suited to be of service to you.

We look forward to being your Hatteras Island Realtors®!

Talk to a licensed agent today: 866-627-6627 or Sales@OuterBeaches.com

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