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Great Homes Deserve Great Service

Making the switch to a new rental company is easier than you think. Join a team you can trust who cares about you AND your home. Join a brand with a reputation for being a strong leader within the vacation rental market and the community. We’ve spent over 40 years delicately refining our brand to become the market leader for Property Management ratings across the Island. And we’re seeing new Owners make the switch all the time.

Here’s what we’re doing – and how we're doing it differently – to set us apart from the pack. With local on-site management, innovative marketing technologies, and consistency in training and leadership development, we’re confident our team can help you reach your goals and achieve Homeowner Bliss. Sound too good to be true? Don’t take it from us. Keep reading…


What OBR Owners are saying

We have been beyond satisfied having OBR handle our beach rental home for us! OBR consistently provides us top notch service that is passed along to our guests. It’s a worry-free relationship for me, knowing OBR is handling bookings and only calls me when there is a definitive need. Otherwise, I know our home is ready week-to-week based on the satisfactory reviews of our guests. The cost of OBR’s service is very reasonable considering the effort that goes into keeping our calendar full of bookings from spring to fall, even some in-between. I would highly recommend OBR to Owners looking to relieve the stress of "doing it yourself".
Frotn Row Seats - OBR
Sky Box
We started with OBR in 1991 with our first rental home, Flash Forward. We now have three in the program. We appreciate the service and the teams that work so hard to create a great holiday for our Guests.
Owner House

2 for 1

Our family decided to remain on Hatteras During Hurricane Arthur. My husband and I were very impressed with the Outer Beaches Realty staff before and after the storm. They could be seen everywhere assessing and cleaning up the damage to the Owners homes. During the past four years, all maintenance issues have been handled professionally and promptly. The staff at OBR are really the very best and we have enjoyed great service by a dedicated group of people.We heartily recommend them to Owners who want their properties to be maintained and marketed as the best on the Island.
Owner House

Temporary Sanity

This will be our 4th year with Outer Beaches Property Management and I can't say enough about the service they provide. It's tough living 500 miles away from our rental property, but we rest easy knowing that Outer Beaches is taking care of our rentals and maintenance. Everyone we have dealt with at Outer Beaches takes a personal interest in providing the best vacation rental for our Guests. They are quite responsive to inquiries and provide great communication and feedback about our property, especially during severe storm aftermaths. We would highly recommend Outer Beaches for someone needing a property management company!
Pearly Shells - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Tom & Kim

Pearly Shells

We made the jump to OBR after owning our property for a year. OBR was an essential piece in navigating the purchasing process for us and their subsequent property management company has been outstanding. Work order requests are completed almost immediately and done professionally, the cleaning teams we have worked with have left our house immaculate and the guest services department has been very accommodating for our renters.
Pearly Shells - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Pearly Shells

After a few decent rental years with another management company and a dismal year, we decided to switch to OBR. Within a few weeks of switching, our house was more than half rented, and soon was completely rented for the season. This was a faster booking than we had ever experienced. We felt like our investment would bring us a positive return for the first time in a while. We were very pleased with the service from OBR and the helpfulness of the staff. The online presentation and photos were top-notch, and this is a huge part of what has helped us achieve full booking each year. We are glad that we can leave the management of our house in capable hands.
Mimis Flamingo - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Mimi's Flamingo
We have been homeowners in Outer Beaches Realty program for over 20 years, with multiple homes, and we are as happy, if not happier with OBR today as we were when we bought our first home in Avon. The most important aspects of their rental program to us are continual improvements in the quality and variety of services offered to homeowners and renters. Management at OBR is always available and responsive. The Maintenance Department is second-to-none with in-house services and suggested contractors. OBR always seems to be on the forefront of new ideas and has presented us with data in the industry to suggest home improvements that led to more rental weeks. It is great to feel tha twe and OBR are partners in the rental property industry.
Carolina House - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Tory & Bill

Carolina House

In the 12 years that we have had our property, OBR will be our 4thand last rental management company. In the 6 months since we signed our contract, we have morerental weeks than ever,and it is only February. Our decision to place our homes with OBR was one of the best moves we have made. Not only will our revenues soar but the people at OBR are wonderful to work with and we trust them with our home.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental


We have been renters on Hatteras Island for the last 10 years and prior to that, in the Northern part of the outer banks for over 15 years. During this time, we have experienced some good rental agencies and some bad. When it came time to pick an agency to help us with our newly constructed dream home in Hatteras, we knew we wanted a local agency with a personal touch. We wanted an agency that had the service levels that would maximize the enjoyment of the families who rented our home while at the same time, respecting our Ownership and helping us protect our investment. We did talk with others, but the warm welcome we received from Outer Beaches Realty at our very first meeting sold us immediately. Our decision has proven to be the right one. This is our first beach house and our first rental experience as owners. OBR and their staff have been fantastic throughout the entire process. We have regular contact with real people on a consistent basis, get quick answers to many questions we have, and they are a great resource for anything Hatteras. OBR’s experience, staff, and commitment to service have exceeded our expectations
Bonzer Beach House - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Bonzer Beach House

We’ve teamed with OBR for four seasons now, and we have bene very pleased with the partnership. The OBR team is unfailing professional and responsive to all the issues related to vacation property management, and their commission and fee structure is competitive and fair. We unconditionally recommend working with OBR, and we look forward to partnering with them for a long time.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Dave & Joan

Oh Behave

And what a breath of fresh air to be with OBR with regards to the last realtor...All of the OBR personnel, I mean every single person that I have spoken to on the phone or met within this organization, has given outstanding customer service. I have never had the feeling of being "brushed off" on the phone, even during their hectic busy summer season. In this day & age, you can’t find good customer service anywhere. Through my previous experience with several other realtors on our island, Outer Beaches Realty is by FAR the best
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Big Break

Three words: peace of mind. Giving Outer Beaches the management of the rental of our beloved retirement home in Avon which is ten hours from our main residence has allowed us to know that it is safe and secure while allowing others to enjoy its comfort, views, and amenities. Thanks again to OBR’s incomparable staff!
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental


We have had OBR list our homes for rental for the last two seasons and could not be happier. The OBR staff exhibits a level of professionalism that is unmatched. Furthermore, having dealt with smaller realty organizations with limited staff, who were forced to be "Jacks of all trades" OBR has a staff of highly trained, focused individuals who have unique capabilities to address issues brought up by the homeowner or guests. We would not consider any organization other than OBR to manage the rental of our property.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental


We joined and remain with OBR as owners because of first impressions. It was and remains clear at all levels that the OBR family of staff and leadership go to considerable lengths to get to genuinely know and serve their ownership community. Competent and successful property management in a highly competitive marketplace is all about successfully balancing, communicating, and juggling the needs of OBR owners, guests, rental browsers, vendors, staff, and local government/services. Successfully doing this calmly, consistently, and reliable at every management and employee level is a 24/7 challenge for every service-based business and OBR succeeds 24/7.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Blake and Norma

Bella Vista Villa

This was our first year in the rental program, and the OBR staff did everything possible to ensure that the guest as well as the Owners had a wonderful and positive experience! We look forward to being part of the OBR family for many more years to come!
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Easy N Breezy

After owning three different properties over the last 14 years on the Outer Banks and working with quite a few of Outer Beaches Realty’s competitors, I can say that it has been a pleasure to work with them. The individuals that I have worked with so far have been very knowledgeable and helpful in bringing me into the rental program and making suggestions that I had not been accustomed to with their competition. After being in facilities management for the last 35 years and overseeing 700,000sf of business properties, I Can say that their maintenance staff seems to be very knowledgeable. I have only been with Outer Beaches for a short period of time but so far they have impressed me overall with their ability, customer service, and knowledge of their industry.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Bill and Cathy

Mariner's Best

This is our 7th year as a property owner on the Outer Banks. Originally, we contracted with a different property management firm to handle our home. The first year was nothing but a series of problems and issues. Plus, we only had 9 rentals. We knew we could not continue to try and have a beach rental property 600 miles from where we live with all the difficulties and frustrations we were experiencing. After some research and speaking with other property owners we decided to ask Outer Beaches to assume the management of our home. This will be our 6th year with outer Beaches. Outer Beaches staff are wonderful to work with. Courteous, professional, efficient, friendly, and competent. They do what they say when they say they will do it and they do it right. Their marketing program is strong. Our rentals more than nearly doubled the first year we were with them. We have especially appreciated their storm preparation and recovery program. We have never regretted our decision to partner with Outer Beaches.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Al & Jean

Egret Landing

We chose Outer Beaches Realty primarily because of the helpful, friendly people we met during our search for a new rental management company and have since been happy with our decision because of the consistently reliable communication and rapid, efficient addressing of our concerns, questions, and requests. In addition to this excellent service, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the earlier booking and increased number of rental weeks for our cottage. Thanks for guiding us through the process and thanks to the people of OBR who have made this a good experience.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Chip and Wendy

Back to the Ocean

When we became new home owners on Hatteras Island, we knew that partnering with Outer Beaches Realty was the only way to go. We have been vacationing on the Island for many years. Outer Beaches has always been our Realty of choice because of their wonderful customer service, friendly staff, and beautiful choices of rental homes. As renters, we were always satisfied with a quick response for any needs. As Owners, we are confident that the Outer Beaches Realty team will ensure that our renters will be completely satisfied.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Carolina Moon

We have been very satisfied with our decision to use OBR for our property manager. OBR was very helpful in getting our home set up. OBR has always made the extra effort to offer new services that have enhanced our home’s Rental value. OBR has also provided peace of mind by quickly letting us know if our home sustained any damage during one of the major storms. We have always felt like part of the OBR family.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Sound Getaway

We have a strong sense of comfort knowing that Outer Beaches Realty is managing our rental property and ensuring our Guests have a fantastic stay.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental

Rancho Relaxo

We started with OBR two years ago and have been very pleased with our decision. OBR has been professional and very responsive to our needs as homeowners. Many of the staff have been at Obr for an extended period of time and are clearly committed to their mission to serve both Owners and Guests. I recommend OBR highly and without reservation.
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Bob and Lori

Dakota Dunes

As new homeowners to " Captain Quarters " on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we are extremely lucky to have found Outer Beaches Realty. Outer Beaches has proven to be invaluable to us as long-distance homeowners. The Outer Beaches entire team of employees has gone above and beyond any expectations we could have imagined. The personal attention we encounter each and every time makes us feel like our home is the only property they manage and that we are as important as family. Outer Beaches, in my opinion, has no competition when it comes to professional customer service on the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina!
LeTaha - Hatteras Island Vacation Rental
Jim and Wanda

Captain's Quarters

Bob and Lori

Captain's Quarters