Sizzle up your stay with the perfect beach campfire

There’s something special about getting cozy under the stars surrounded by the crackle of a fire and the roar of the ocean in the background. And who could forget about the taste of gooey, perfectly melted S’mores.

Hatteras Island is one of the few places on the Outer Banks to allow campfires on the beach. If you’re planning to stay in the village of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, or Hatteras, simply follow these easy tips for a toasty evening by the water.

How to have the perfect beach fire on Hatteras Island, NC - Outer Beaches Realty


  • Fire Permit
  • Tinder
  • Kindling
  • Wood
  • Bucket
  • Shovel

Before you hit the beach - make sure to grab your National Park Service campfire permit online or get one in person by visiting any park visitor center, ORV permit office, or campground. Always remember to think about safety first and take a moment to read your permit to make sure you understand the laws.

Building the fire – Be sure to bring a shovel to dig a small hole for your campfire. Setting the fire just a little lower than ground level will dramatically cut down the breeze. Keep a bucket handy for when you’re ready to extinguish the embers.

OBR Pro Tip: Make sure to bring some good tinder, kindling, and firewood along for the ride as well. In a coastal environment like Hatteras Island, good firewood is hard to come by.

Channel your inner architect and try creating a small hut with your tinder and kindling and placing the larger pieces of wood above.

Putting out the fire - Distinguishing embers takes a little longer than you think so it’s best to be prepared. Grab your bucket and slowly drown your campfire with water. Coals, embers, and any partially-burned wood should be cool to the touch

OBR Pro Tip: Make sure to grab all of your belongings and dispose of any ashes or partially-burnt wood. We live by the “Pack it in, pack it out” rule everywhere on the beach, so please help keep the beaches clean. Enjoy!