Top 12 Hatteras Island Instagram Accounts to Follow


Seeing is believing.

Cape Hatteras is no exception. Sight is one of our most beloved senses, and whatever is pleasing to our eye we pursue. Instagram indulges our eyes by showing us places and things we could see and do. It leaves us craving our next adventure. We chose 12 Instagram accounts that will leave you longing to see what our National Seashore has for you.


Altitude 12 @altitude_12

Eyes are the window to the soul, but lenses are the window to our local locale.


Brett Barley @brettbarley

These perspectives of our island and beyond come from local photographers.


Jason Cole @jasoncolephotography

Each with their unique life experiences and interests cleverly compiled into every single snapshot.

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An evening drone shot of Hatteras Harbor Marina.

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Daniel Pullen @danielpullen


Ocean Culture:

Real Watersports @realwatersports

Surfing and watersports are an integral part of Cape Hatteras. Competitions are held throughout the year, and many watersport enthusiasts never stop regardless of the season. REAL captures that spirit and gives it to you through the window of Instagram.


Natural Beauty:

OBX Stuff @obxstuff

Natural beauty is shown through these accounts.


Cape Hatteras National Park Service @capehatterasnps

From the marsh to the beach, the entire expanse is mesmerizing.


Avon Pier @avonpier

After a taste of these pictures, you will be left wanting to experience even more.


Food and Arts:

Hatteras Bowls @hatterasbowls

On the subject of taste, these flavors flaunt about the area. These local businesses put their specialties on display for the world to see.


Pangea Tavern @pangeatavern

Coupled with their surroundings and creations, they create a world of flavor; each a part of a larger population of outstanding shops and restaurants.



Studio 12 @studio12hatteras

Here, pottery and painting are both very popular art forms.


Kinnakeet Clay @kinnakeetclay

Local artists use these forms to create astonishing products and teach others through lessons.


The complexity of one place can only be told by different people and perspectives. Each account of Hatteras Island tells a different story.

Outer Beaches Realty @outerbeaches

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