What's in a Name: The Power of Choosing the Right Name for Your Vacation Home


by Alexa Nota


We love that the vacation rental industry welcomes and encourages the naming of properties. Not only do names simply make vacations more fun than staying in "hotel room 304" or "condo unit A58," it also gives vacation rental owners two big travel market advantages: uniqueness and memorability. Having a name that's easy to understand, spell, and remember increases your guests' ability to find you and recommend your home to others, and a unique name, by definition, stands out from your competition. Striking the right balance can be a challenge, but these four tips will make it simple.

1. Watch out for difficult or unusual spelling.

First things first, your guests will need to be able to find your home! Make it frictionless for them by picking a name that's easy to spell if they type it into a search bar to find it directly. Also, avoid punctuation when possible, which has the potential to cause issues with searchability, SEO and website programming. If punctuation must be used, make sure it's grammatically correct.

2. Be unique.

To pick something that's going to stand out, you first need to see what's already out there. You'll notice quickly how many homes on Hatteras Island start with beach, sound, sun, sea, sun, and other common words, so put yourself in your guests' shoes to see how easy it would be to mistake "Sandy Feet" with "Sandy Toes." Avoid this by staying away from these over-saturated words and look for other more creative ways to incorporate a beachy vibe.

3. Choose something personal.

It's your vacation house, so you should love its name! It's OK if you name your house after a favorite pet or a funny saying - just make sure you take into account the other three tips on this list.

4. But not too personal.

Don't get carried away with a name that's so personal it could confuse guests, is hard to pronounce, or doesn't follow tips 1 and 2. For example, if your kids (or you!) love Harry Potter, the name Arresto Momentum (the spell to slow something down) may be a great, personal name for your home, but it wouldn't make sense to most guests and could easily be misspelled when typed into a search bar.

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